10_20_21 Equity in Frederick County and Natural Immunity

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In a 5-to-2 vote, the Frederick County Council Tuesday night approved a bill to set up an Equity and Inclusion Office, and an Equity and Inclusion Commission.

The legislation was sponsored by Councilman Kai Hagen on behalf of the County Executive. “I’m excited to get this over the final hump as it were  because I think it’s an excellent step forward for the county,”  he said.

The legislation would require the Office of Equity and Inclusion to develop and provide a framework for advancing racial, ethnic  and general inclusion in all levels of county government. It would also work to ensure that county employees are aware of Frederick County’s diversity, inclusion and equity goals.   County Employees would also have an opportunity to participate in a county wide culture that acknowledges, values and celebrates diversity , equity inclusion and belonging  within all levels of county government, according to a copy of the legislation..


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