Virtual Tutoring Help Available For Frederick County Public School Students

Tutor Me can be accessed 24/7.

Frederick, Md (KM) Some students can run into difficulty with a subject as they are doing their homework. But there is help.  . The Frederick County Board of Education in September approved a contract with Tutor Me, a national company with thousands of experts on numerous subjects   from math to science to history to English. “This is going to be available for middle and high school students who need assistance on any subject,” says Brandon Oland, Communications Manager for Frederick County Public Schools. “No matter what they’re working on, they can get supports  that are outside of the traditional school day.”

He says the assistance is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. “If a student has question at eight or nine-o-clock at night, it could be somebody on the Pacific Coast jumping in there able to support,” says Oland.

Students can communicate with tutors through video chats, video chats, and text messaging back and forth. “There are thousands of tutors that work through this network that are experts in their fields, and can really give the students the support that they need,” says Oland.

But this service does not replace the classroom teachers. “Our teachers are always going to be the best tutors and supporters of their learning,” says Oland. “We wanted to supplement that and give them an online, virtual tutoring option that would be available for middle and high school students that are working on really just about any subject.”

Information on how to access Tutor Me can be found at the Frederick County School System website at

By Kevin McManus