Larry Hushour Wins Mayoral Race In Mt. Airy

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He received around 2/3 of the votes.

Mt. Airy, Md. (NS) – On Tuesday, Mt. Airy held a special election to replace former mayor Patrick T. Rockinberg who died in August.

Larry Hushour won the election with 1,160 in-person votes.

Pamela Reed received 548 in-person votes.

In a press conference, Bruce Walz, Mt. Airy Chairman of the Board of Elections, said 1,710 residents voted in-person.

He said that was a record turnout for voting in Mt. Airy.

“As per town code, he will be sworn in as mayor one week from today at town hall at a time to be determined,” said Walz.

There were 116 mail-in ballots that were yet to be counted, but he said those votes would not sway the result.