West Virginia Representative Alex Mooney Does Not Support Giving $450,000 To Illegal Immigrants

He said the money should be spent securing the border.

Martinsburg, WV (NS) – West Virginia 2nd District Congressman Alex Mooney is questioning a proposed settlement offer giving 450-thousand dollars to certain undocumented immigrants.

The federal government is being sued by groups on behalf of illegal immigrants who claim to have been improperly separated from their families at the southern border.

“When immigrants are caught coming in illegally, they’re put in a detention area in a holding, big auditorium,” said Mooney.

He said people are placed in areas that some have described as “cages,” but they are the same system that was used under Presidents Obama and Trump.

“You don’t mingle the kids with the adults. It’s actually a dangerous situation to put children in with adults. They get abused,” he said.

Mooney and 70 other federal lawmakers have signed a letter asking the President why funds may be given to illegal immigrants instead of securing the border.

He questioned why the federal government would give special treatment to illegal immigrants over legal ones.

If the House of Representatives had a Republican majority, Mooney said legislation could be passed to block the money from being given.