Faith Debate: November 7th, 2021

How To Find a House Church

Three pastors leading house churches offer tips on identifying solidly biblical churches and what might be the best way to begin a house church yourself if there are no quality house churches near you.  (Incidentally, the recording of the episodes accidentally fell out of synchronization with the calendar.  As a result, there is a mention of Halloween in this episode because it was, at the time, thought that this show would air on October 31st.  Please pardon the error, knowing that despite this mistake, all five shows in this topic “arc” have been presented to you in the same sequence they were recorded.)  This is Part Five of a five-part series on the topic of house churches.  All five were recorded while live streaming and that full video is available on the Household of Faith in Christ YouTube channel:

The panel:

Troy Skinner.  Pastor of Household of Faith in Christ.

David Forsee.  Pastor of The Church That Meets at David’s House.

Imran “Raz” Razvi.  Pastor and Founder of Conquered By Love Ministries.

Daniel Razvi.  Pastor serving The Church That Meets at Imran’s House.

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