FITCI CEO Urges College Students To Take Up Internships

She says it introduces them to the type of work that they could encounter after graduation.

Frederick, Md (KM) It’s a common practice for many college students, taking on an internship during the fall and spring semesters, and during the summer. Kathie Callahan Brady, the CEO of the Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc.,(FITCI)  says it would be worthwhile for every students to do an internship.

“I think most of it,  even as adults, we’re constantly questioning and wondering ‘did I go into the right career? Did I go into the right profession? Am I doing what I really love to do,'” says Brady. “And I think the only way you can really figure that out is by being inside of that job.”

While much of the work will probably be done in an office, Brady says an internship should be more than that. “Just the overall basics of how to get along and really work well inside of an office, and just basic office skills is critical for your success, I think, in the workforce,” she says.

And Brady says it’s important for businesses, government agencies and other organizations to take on interns. “I think it help us to form the next generation of individuals who  will be taking over,: she says.

“I do believe that the number-one reason is that it is just our civic duty to help the next generation,” Brady continues.

And it’s possible those young men and women could get hired by the company where they interned.

College students interested in taking on an internship should contact their career or placement center on campus for more information. Individuals who want to intern at FITCI can call 301-694-2999.

By Kevin McManus