Frederick County Executive Unveils Climate Initiatives

One initiative is about infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Frederick, Md (NS) – During a public information briefing on Tuesday, Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner laid out 4 categories of initiatives to help the climate in Frederick County and surrounding areas.

Gardner said the first part of the plan addresses energy usage.

“The action plan is to transition to clean electricity, to improve building energy performance and efficiency, and to transition to electric or zero-emission vehicles, and to maintain our forests and to plant trees,” said Gardner.

The 2nd part of the plan addresses “clean vehicles” and infrastructure for charging electric vehicles.

“As new construction occurs, should homes or neighborhoods be required to install electrical components to accommodate E-V charging stations?” she asked.

The 3rd builds more energy programs and enhances ones that currently exist.

“We are proposing an additional $300,000 investment of one-time money towards Power Savers so we can enhance this program and help more people,” she said.

The 4th category is for clean energy procurement.

“We’ll increase the renewable energy sources that Frederick County government utilizes and completely offset our county building electricity with 100% renewable energy credits in calendar year 2022,” Gardner said.

Gardner plans to create 2 new departments within the Office of Sustainability to oversee these initiatives.