Frederick Teen Found Guilty Of Killing His Girlfriend

Ricky Cartnail

He could get life in prison.

Frederick, Md (KM) – A verdict of guilty was rendered Wednesday afternoon against Ricky Cartnail, 17, of Frederick. After a few hours’ deliberations, a jury convicted Cartnail of 1st-degree murder, conspiracy to commit 1st-degree murder, using a firearm in a felony and possession of a firearm by a minor.

Sentencing is scheduled for February 16th.

After the verdict was announced, Frederick County State’s Attorney Charlie Smith says chaos erupted in the court room as deputies tried to return the defendant to jail. . “He {Cartnail} was at that point in time resisting arrest by the court house deputies. They tried to subdue him. He was struggling, trying to get over the bar–as we say–into the gallery,” he said.

Smith says deputies were able to subdue Cartnail after he tried grab one of their guns. A number of people left the court room.

“Obviously, we believe Mr. Cartnail is a member of a gang,” says Smith. “There were several people in the court room that we felt were certified, validated gang members.

Regarding how the State was able to obtain a conviction, Smith says  “I think one of the key moments in this case was when the 14-year-old girl testified about her involvement in this case. She was very sincere, very believable.” The teenager said she saw Cartnail take a gun out of a backpack, and place it in his waistband. She also said she heard the gunshots which killed Dawson.

Cartnail had testified in court that he didn’t do it. “The jury was just able to see through that. He was just not credible whatsoever. There was tons of inconsistencies in his testimony,” Smith says.

At sentencing, Cartnail could get life imprisonment, according to Smith. “Given what he did not only to the victim, but those that were connected with the case; his conduct during the announcement of the sentence just all tells he’s s very, very violent young man who needs to be incarcerated for a very, very long time,” he says.

By Kevin McManus