The Worst Part Of The Pandemic May Have Begun For Maryland

That’s according to Governor Larry Hogan.

Annapolis, Md (NS) – Governor Larry Hogan believes we may be entering the worst part of the COVID pandemic.

Last week, Maryland set a record for coronavirus patients hospitalized in the state at over 2,000.

Hogan joined CNN’s “State of the Union” and said in an effort to help state health workers, $100,000,000 of emergency funding has been given to hospitals and nursing homes, and actions have been taken to increase the number of nurses in the state.

“We’ve called up the Maryland National Guard. We’re continuing to take actions every day, nearly everything that anyone can think of to help us get through this,” said Hogan.

He said the next 4 – 6 weeks will be a “terrible point in this crisis.”

“It’s potentially going to be the worst part of the whole 2 year fight,” Hogan added.

He said his focus is to prevent hospitalizations and deaths due to COVID.

On Monday, he announced that face coverings are required for all people who enter state buildings.