Your Input Is Wanted For Catoctin Mountain Park Improvements

Several actions are being discussed.

Thurmont, Md. (NS) – You can make an impact on the future of Catoctin Mountain Park.

Public Information Officer Phil Greenwalt said some changes are being proposed, and the public’s input is needed.

“The goal is to update, modernize some of the trail network here, create connections. Say for people who are camping at the cabin camps so they can access the trails,” said Greenwalt.

Additional changes include increased parking, the creation of trails accessible to visitors with disabilities, adding new trail access points, and connections to the Appalachian Trail.

He said there are several ways to submit suggestions.

“They can email the park, there’s a planning website, they can stop by the park if they’d like to do that,” Greenwalt said.

Online submissions can be at The due date is February 3rd.