Brunswick Family Cannot Adopt Ukrainian Girl Due To War

If Ukraine is taken over by Russia, the girl may never come home.

Brunswick, Md. (NS) – The war between Russia and Ukraine has intensified and the effects are being felt in Frederick County.

Phil Graves, a pastor at 1st Baptist Church of Brunswick, is far along in the process of adopting 6-year-old Bridget from Ukraine.

She was born to a surrogate mother at 25 weeks old and has special needs. Graves said he had visited her recently and was in the final steps of bringing her to America to be part of his family.

“We were waiting patiently for court dates. Our judge got sick with COVID and so we were waiting for the judge to get back to work. This Russian invasion was imminent, but people over there kept saying, ‘Oh we’re not worried. Nothing is going to happen,’ until it happened,” said Graves.

Now the adoption process has stalled.

“We were hoping to have her home by her birthday which was Saturday the 19th, but now I have no idea. It  just depends on how long this goes and when the government gets back to processing adoption paperwork,” Graves explained.

If Russia takes over Ukraine, Bridget may not be able to be adopted.

His church will hold a prayer vigil on Saturday for Bridget and Ukraine.

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By Nate Saunders