Adaptive Driving Beams Approved For Cars Sold In The US

They help reduce risks for driving at night.

Washington DC. (KM) – Some newer headlights are coming to motor vehicles in the United States. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration last month said it will allow adaptive driving beams to be installed on vehicles sold in this country.

“AAA Automotive Engineering Research previously has shown that the halogen headlights that typically are found in most US vehicles failed to safely light unlit roadways at speeds above 40-miles per hour,” says Ragina Ali, spokeswoman for AAA Mid-Atlantic.

She says on average most fatal pedestrian accidents take place at night. “It’s important to note that 75% fatalities happen in the dark,” says Ali. She says drivers often have decreased visibility when driving at night, especially with pedestrian out and about, some wearing dark clothing.

AAA research has found that adaptive driving beams are much better when it’s dark. “They increase roadway lighting by as much as 86% in comparison to the US low beam light,” says Ali. :”The new headlights use switching technology to shine more light on areas  in and around the roadway without reducing visibility for other drivers in other vehicles.”

She says AAA believes that increased visibility and better lighting will help drivers and pedestrians stay safe at night.

Adaptive driving beams are used on most vehicles in Europe.

By Kevin McManus