Faith Debate: March 13th, 2022

It’s Not Miscellaneous; Money Matters to God

This Faith Debate continues a dialog which connects a vast array of dots about “niceness”. Misapplying the “Eleventh Commandment – Being nice” has opened the door to all kinds of social ills that plague the church and society as a whole. For example:

The federal government opening wide the southern border to the applause of “nice Christians” who misunderstand biblical “sojourner” teachings.

“Nice” handouts (such as “Trump bucks” and “Biden bucks”) necessitates the printing of trillions of dollars, which in turn leads the way to hyperinflation and a stock market completely disconnected from the economic realities of people living paycheck to paycheck because they’re trapped in a mandated minimum wage system.

“Niceness” has also discouraged Christians from teaching the full counsel of God, and made many reticent to proclaim the fulness of the Good News that Jesus saves.

This is episode three in a four-part series, with all four recorded while live streaming. The full video is available on Rumble at the Household of Faith in Christ channel:

The panel:

Troy Skinner. Pastor of Household of Faith in Christ.

David Forsee. Pastor of The Church That Meets at David’s House.

Imran “Raz” Razvi. Pastor and Founder of Conquered By Love Ministries.

Daniel Razvi. Pastor serving The Church That Meets at Imran’s House.

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