Senator Ted Cruz Rallies Trucker Convoy At Hagerstown Speedway

Ted Cruz | Photo from Tyler Lee for Congress Facebook page

He gave a speech on Thursday.

Hagerstown, Md. (DG) – Republican Senator Ted Cruz meet with thousands of people Thursday morning taking part in the truckers’ convoy that has been traveling from the Hagerstown Speedway to the Capital Beltway in protest of COVID-19 restrictions and the National State of Emergency designation.

“Let me just say to each of you thank you for being here. Thank you for speaking out. Thank you for giving your voice. You are standing up, you’re standing up for truckers across the country, but you’re standing for every man, every woman, every child in America,” said Cruz.

Cruz said people are listening.

“Your voice is being heard. When the Canadian truckers began speaking up, the eyes of the world were transfixed on Canada. Canadian truckers, they were standing up for Canadian freedom, but they were standing up for Americans as well and this convoy is carrying on that same spirit,” he proclaimed.

The truckers said they would continue their protest until they had sat down with more members of Congress and had their demands met.