You Can Help Ukrainian Refugees Fleeing War

A Baltimore organization is raising funds to buy necessities for refugees.

Baltimore, Md. (NS) – As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues, a humanitarian crisis is erupting, but you can help in the relief effort.

Regional Communications Officer for Catholic Relief Services in Baltimore Megan Gilbert said her group is organizing materials for Ukrainians who are fleeing the country.

“What we do at CRS with our church partners is we make sure when people get to those places that they have the support that they need and they need all kinds of support. They need a place to stay, they need food, they need information and they need counseling. This is obviously a really stressful experience for people living there right now,” Gilbert explained.

There are now over 2 million Ukrainian refugees and many are women and children since most Ukrainian men are required to stay behind and fight.

Gilbert said you can make a difference.

“The best way to help right now is financial contributions and the reason for that is I know I’ve had questions from people saying, ‘We’re gathering supplies. We’d love to send them over,’ and it’s just really difficult to get those supplies over there. It’s also just really expensive,” said Gilbert.

Donations can be made on their website

So far, they have raised over $10 million to help Ukrainians.