Potholes Can Cause Serious Damage To Your Car, And We Are In Peak Season

SHA crews are trying to fill potholes as soon as they are reported.

Baltimore, Md (NS) – This time of year, potholes can open up anywhere at anytime.

That’s according to Charlie Gischlar with the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) who said potholes form when water freezes in the road’s cracks, expands and melts under warmer temperatures.

“We’ve had a wide, wide range of temperatures this entire winter and as we transition now into more spring-like temperatures, it continues to be very wide fluctuations in that temperature in that freeze-thaw cycle,” Gischlar said.

On average, SHA crews fill 34,000 potholes a year.

Gischlar said if you see a pothole on a state-maintained highway, report it to SHA’s Customer Care Management System.

“We do our very best to get out there as soon as we can get these requests to get these holes filled rapidly,” said Gischlar.

He added that repairing potholes on a road can be dangerous for workers and reminds drivers to be alert and drive slowly by work sites.