The Murder Of Tracey Kirkpatrick Remains Unsolved 33 Years Later

Tracey Kirkpatrick

She was murdered in Aileen Ladies Sportswear on March 15, 1989.

Frederick, Md. (NS) – One of Frederick’s oldest unsolved murders happened 33 years ago on March 15, 1989.

Tracey Kirkpatrick, 17, was about to leave her work at Aileen Ladies Sportswear in the Westview Shopping Center when she was stabbed several times.

No one was ever arrested for her murder.

Police say the case remains open, but the trail has gone cold.

Tracey’s older sister, Deondra, said her family feels short changed by the investigation.

“You do kinda feel that way when it’s not been solved and you don’t have any answers. It just seems like there could have been more done and then you’re talking 33 years ago, so, the technology then is nothing like it is today,” said Deondra.

She said the evidence was not properly taken and stored, making it much harder to analyze today.

Years later, Deondra said her family was afraid that something else could happen.

“You live in fear without having answers or knowing why. You don’t know if it was something against your family, for just a random act, if you’re going to lose another one. It’s a scary life to live knowing that he’s still out there,” she explained.

A new documentary on the case called “Into The Silent Land” is in post-production and is coming soon.

Deondra said she hopes anyone who has information on the case would reach out to law enforcement.