Student Involved In Latest Threat At Middletown Middle Will Not Face Criminal Charges

Middletown Middle School

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office says there is no threat against students, staff, the community.

Frederick, Md. (KM) – The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office says no criminal charges will be filed against a Middletown Middle School student who made a threat against another student. . Authorities say they conducted an investigation into this recent incident where a student threatened to bring a weapon to school and harm another student.

“FCSO {Frederick County Sheriff’s Office} School Resource Officers conducted the investigation and concluded there is no threat to Middletown students, staff or the community,” said Lt. Jason Deater, School Resource Officer commander, in a statement. “It was clearly determined that this incident is not related to last week’s racially motivated threat investigation.”

In that case, three students are charged with hate crime offenses.

The School System will continue its own internal investigation, and make any decisions regarding disciplinary action, the Sheriff’s Office says in a news release.

In that same news release, the Sheriff’s Office says, like every law enforcement agency, it takes every threat seriously, and uses  every investigative method to determine if a current or future threats to students, staff and the community  is credible.   It says the goal is a quick resolution to each incident to make sure everyone involved is safe. Where appropriate, the Sheriff’s Office says criminal charge will be pursued.

“Just since the beginning of the 2021–2022 school year, we have investigated  44 school-based threats,:” says Lt. Deater, in a statement. “Four of those incidents resulted in juveniles charged on juvenile referrals. The remaining 40 incidents, we did not pursue criminal charges and FCPS {Frederick County Public Schools} made their own disposition.”

By Kevin McManus