Foster Drive Being Held For Rescue Dogs From Hoarder Situation In Jefferson County

47 dogs were rescued from a home on March 11.

Kearneysville, Wv. (NS) – On March 11, 47 dogs in were rescued from a home in Jefferson County, West Virginia and now some of them are on the road to recovery.

Dawn Brown, President of Rescue Me WV, said her organization is working to help these dogs find homes on Friday afternoon.

“We’re hosting there 12 – 5 at Jefferson County Animal Control. They in took about 60 animals total between dogs and cats on a hoarding case and we’ve been helping them all week with the dogs and we have pulled 14 total out of their shelter to help with,” Brown said.

At the event, you can apply to take one of the dogs home as a foster.

She said foster homes often turn permanent.

“Oh my gosh yes that’s amazing! That’s what happens in probably 90% of our fosters, they fall in love, and then they adopt. They always have the first right to adoption if they’re fostering the dog,” Brown explained.

You can also help these dogs by volunteering with Rescue Me WV or making a monetary donation on