Maryland Legislators Expected To Decide This Week On Proposed Congressional Map

New Congressional Map

It was drafted after one legislative leaders put together was thrown out.

Annapolis, Md. (KM) – The Maryland General Assembly is expected to vote this week on a new Congressional map This follows a ruling last Friday by Judge Lynne Battaglia which struck down an original map drafted by state legislators and approved last year despite objections by Governor Larry Hogan. Judge Battaglia called this map “a product of extreme partisan gerrymandering,’ and ordered lawmakers to come up with a new map.

The state is expected to appeal this ruling.

Washington County Delegate Neil Parrott (R) is part of that suit, and he commented on the new map. “They did follow the letter of the law and produced a better looking map,:” he said. “It’s compact. It doesn’t cross the county boundaries as often, but it still crosses too much.”

The new map keeps Frederick County intact within the 6th Congressional District. Under the old map approved following the last census, Frederick County was divided between the 6th and the 8th Districts.

But Parrott, whose also running for Congress from the 6th District, says it’s still not a good map. “What they did over the weekend, the Democrat leadership and their consultants, people got together and drew a map really in the dark of night,” he says. “There was no input from any regular citizens of the state of Maryland. There was no input not even from one Republican in the Legislature.”

Judge Battaglia is expected to hold a hearing this Friday, and decide on whether to approve this new map.

The Maryland Primary is scheduled for July 19th.

By Kevin McManus