Second COVID-19 Booster Shots Available In Frederick County

This follows authorizations from the FDA and CDC.

Frederick, Md. (KM) – Second COVID-19 booster shots are available in Frederick County. Following authorization from the Food and Drug Administration, and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, booster shots using the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines can be administered to older individuals, and those 12 and older with compromised immune systems.

The Frederick County Health Department says individuals 50 and older can receive a second booster dose from either the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines four months after they received their first booster. In addition, a second booster from the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is available for those 12 and older with a compromised  immune system; and that too is four months after they’ve received their first booster. Individuals 18 and older can get a second dose of the Moderna vaccine if they too are immuno-compromised. And a second booster shot from either Moderna or Pfizer can be administered to those 18 and older who have received the single dose and a booster from the Johnson and Johnson Janssen vaccine. As in the previous cases, the second dose can be administered to those persons four months after  they receive their first booster shot.

Rissah Watkins, spokeswoman for the Frederick County Health Department, says it’s very important for those 50 and older to receive their second booster shot, even if they are not immuno-compromised or are in relatively good health. “Anyone who is over 50-years old right now is eligible for a second booster as long as it’s been at least four months regardless of any underlying health conditions,” she says. “But it always helpful to speak with their health care provider if they have questions of what is the right decision for them.”

Watkins also says these vaccines are very safe and effective. “Getting that booster dose really does help to improve the immune response and it does provide better protection,” she says. “This is especially important for people who are 65 and older, and for anyone whose 50 and older and has underlying medical conditions that might increase their risk for severe disease if they get COVID-19.

Second doses are available at all Frederick County Health Department clinics, including the one at Himes Avenue, says Watkins. In addition, the vaccines are available at many pharmacies in the county.

For more information on the vaccines, go on line to, or; or call 1-855-MDGoVax (1-855-634-6829).

By Kevin McManus