A Frederick County Legislator Has Concerns About Some Bills Being Discussed By Lawmakers

Delegate Jesse Pippy

This as the 2022 General Assembly nears adjournment.

Annapolis, Md. (KM) – With adjournment getting ever closer for the 2022 Maryland General Assembly the pace is picking up a little in Annapolis. That’s according to Frederick County Delegate Jesse Pippy (R). “I think part of the timeline issue is that the Majority Party{the Democrats} is hoping to get some of these bills passed in timely manner,”: he says. “Assuming that the Governor may veto them, and then they would have enough time to override his veto.”

Delegate Pippy says he  has a concern about one bill that would establish a family and medical leave insurance program. “We support people having support in difficult situations. What this bill is actually going to do is it’s going to create another payroll tax  A tax that every working Marylander in Maryland will be forced to pay, every employer will be forced to contribute,” he says.

It would provide 12-weeks of leave for employees for medical reasons and family emergencies. Pippy calls it a mandate. “Both the Senate and the House offered dozens of amendments that would create possible opportunity in the private sector, giving incentives to employers,” he says.

The Senate version of this family and medical leave act bill passed the House of Delegates by 90-43.

Delegate Pippy says he has concerns about legislation covering climate change. The measure would adjust the state’s current goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from 40% of 2006 levels to 60% by 2031.   It also sets a goal of achieving carbon- net neutrality in Maryland by 2045. He says one section of the bill would add regulations on every building of 35,000 square feet or more so they can achieve net zero emissions. “This is very short sighted. We’re coming off a two-year pandemic. We have inflation at an  all time high. And the Maryland General Assembly is adding significant costs to working Marylanders and businesses.” he says.

That bill has been sent to the Governor .

But Delegate Pippy says he did support several bills in the Legislature. One would protect minors from sexual predators. “This bill deals with surveillance, and holding those that wish to surveil minors   in compromising positions accountable. So it’s passed the House and it’s on its way to the Senate,”: he says.

The 2022 Maryland General Assembly is scheduled to adjourn on Monday April 11th at midnight.

By Kevin McManus