Look Out For Workers During Maryland Work Zone Safety Month

There are an increased amount of road improvement projects in Maryland this spring.

Baltimore, Md. (NS) – As we move into spring, there will be increased roadwork projects in Maryland and the State Highway Administration (SHA) wants you to be extra careful.

Shantee Felix with the SHA said April is Work Zone Safety Month in the state.

“We want to remind people that as the weather warms we’re in a busy construction season. So, you’ll see a lot of our men and women out there working on the side of the roads. We want you to be aware of them and drive slower when you’re in a work zone,” said Felix.

She said many times it’s the driver who gets hurt when a construction site collision occurs.

“In the data that we found, we had 48% were drivers in the vehicles involved in those crashes. So we just want people to just slow down, stay alert and just drive like you work there. If you have to think about it, the men and women on the side of the road, they’re moms and dads, they’re at work, and they want to get home to their families safely,” Felix added.

There were 7,704 work zone related crashes in Maryland from 2016 to 2020 resulting in over 3,263 injuries and 46 fatalities.

Upcoming and current roadway projects can be found at md511.org.