Frederick County School Board Meeting Disrupted By Angry Parents Upset About New Health Curriculum

They were discussing how to implement curriculum that teaches gender identity studies to children as young as 3rd grade.

Frederick, Md. (NS/DG) – During last night’s Family Advisory Committee meeting for Frederick County Public Schools, things got very intense with parents opposed to new curriculum, which calls for instruction on things like gender identity and sexuality being taught to elementary school students as young as 3rd grade.

The Board of Education voted unanimously to approve the revisions on March 23, 2022.

Board President Brad Young said they voted simply to accept mandated changes.

“So this was really just a perfunctory step that was required by law for boards of education to update their policies to reflect what state law says,” explained Young.

He said he wants to hear more from experts about the curriculum.

“I voted that it needs to be discussed and we need to implement policies is what we voted on. I didn’t vote that it would start at a specific age or that anything would happen,” said Young.

During the meeting, some parents and others opposed to the curriculum shouted at board members.

Young said the board passed the framework that the Code of Maryland Regulations requires the school system to adopt.

He added it is a starting point and now the committee and school board will work to develop age-appropriate curriculum and material for students.