Hitachi Will Bring Up To 460 Jobs To Hagerstown

Washington County Chamber of Commerce CEO said 1500 other local jobs will be supported.

Hagerstown, Md. (NS) – More than 400 jobs will be created when Hitachi Rail builds a $70 million facility near Hagerstown to produce rail cars for the Washington D.C. Metro.

Paul Frey, CEO of the Washington County Chamber of Commerce, said the 300,000 square foot facility will benefit the community.

“According to what has been reported, up to 460 jobs once they’re open, but supporting about 1500 other jobs, dry cleaners, car dealerships and people moving to the area,” Frey explained.

He said Hitachi chose Hagerstown because the area has shown that they are a growing community that accepts and is ready for new business.

“I think all this work that’s been done over the years, this new company, this new factory being built by Hitachi, they looked at another county in Maryland, I won’t mention the name, but they thought they had a wrap on it, and Washington County, the economic development folks there and the team here in Washington County put the best foot forward,” said Frey.

The factory expects to create $2 billion of product which Frey said will have a positive financial impact on the community.