Frederick County Parents Outraged Over The School System’s Proposed Health Curriculum

They are against gender identity and sexuality discussions taking place in the classroom.

Frederick, Md. (NS) – Two parents of Frederick County Public School (FCPS) students who were at the FCPS Life Advisory Committee meeting are sharing their experience.

Candace, who is a parent to a kindergartener, said there is some misinformation going around about how the meeting went.

“It was not a mob mentality the way everyone is saying it was, but I feel like they basically just shut us down and stared at the floor,” said Candace.

She said she knows what she will do if the school system plans to teach her child about gender identity in elementary school.

“My child will never be force-fed, I will pull him from the school and they will not get our funding. I’m ready and prepared to home school him,” Candace added.

Another mother at the meeting, Connie, who has had several children go through FCPS and still has one left, said she also knows how she would respond if her young child was going to be taught about gender identity.

“At elementary level, if this was happening and you could not opt out of it, I would have to home school my child. I would pull them out,” said Connie.

She mentioned that the committee was not able to discuss the items on the agenda, including one she wanted to hear about.

“One of the items that I did see on the list that I don’t see why we need to be teaching in school was going to be STD testing for 7th graders, but we didn’t get to see any of that,” Connie said.

The meeting ended without the committee ever getting to the day’s agenda.

The Board of Education’s next meeting will be on April 13 at 3 p.m.