Citizen’s Way In Frederick To Be Improved With Grant From Governor Hogan’s Re-Fund The Police Initiative

Governor Larry Hogan

The alley connects Market Street and the Court Street Parking Garage

Annapolis, Md. (NS) – Frederick will receive some funds from the state to improve community safety.

This morning, Governor Larry Hogan announced almost $10 million in grants as part of the Re-Fund the Police Initiative.

This round of funds will go towards business district and facility improvements that increase safety in public and private spaces around Maryland.

In Frederick, funds have been granted to add lighting and improve pedestrian safety on Citizen’s Way which connects Market Street and the Court Street Parking Garage.

Grants will be given to other projects in the state to install surveillance tools, clean and beautify streets and parks, improve opportunities for “eyes on the street” and make streets more walkable for pedestrians.