Frederick City Lifts COVID-19 State Of Emergency

Community transmission has remained low.

Frederick, Md. (NS) – After over two years, the state of emergency in Frederick City due to COVID-19 has officially ended.

Mayor Michael O’Connor delivered a speech this morning.

“While this announcement does not trigger significant operational changes for the city, as we begin transitioning to a return to normal status in March, it does carry some implications for deadlines and due dates for many of our residents,” said O’Connor.

As the state of emergency ends, extended due dates for city bills, permits, licensures, and citations will end in 30 days.

O’Connor reminded residents that the coronavirus is still in the community and steps can be taken to reduce transmission.

“To avoid anymore loss we encourage all members of our community to continue to follow the CDC guidance as well as that of our local public health agencies. Please continue to practice good personal hygiene habits such as wearing masks when conditions warrant. Stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters, take a COVID-19 test when you are experiencing symptoms or if you have had close contact with someone who has tested positive,” he explained.

Over 500 Frederick County residents have died from COVID-19. As of Thursday, there were four coronavirus patients at Frederick Health Hospital with one in the Intensive Care Unit.