Frederick County Receives Planning & Design Money For Local Project

The funds are used for walkable, bikeable, transit-oriented projects.

Washington DC (KM) 11 planning and design projects were approved Wednesday by the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board, and the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments. including one in Frederick Comity.

The two entities are providing $35,000 tor a New Design Road bikeway study. It will include preliminary cost estimates and drawings for a segment of New Design Road which is an essential link in the county’s plan to build a biikeway connecting the city of Frederick to the C&O Canal National Historic Park.

Funding for these and ten other Transportation Land-Use Connection Program projects  in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia total $630,000.

TLC began in 2007, and 167 projects have been funded since then, according to TPB. These projects cover pedestrian and biking planning, corridor and small area planning and  the development analytical tools. All of these projects are locadted near Activity Centers or places identified by TPB and COG are priority  places to locate jobs and housing.

The TPB says it will work with each of the jurisdictions awarded funding to help them pick a consultant.

These projects must be completed by June 30th, 2023.

By Kevin McManus