Maryland’s Top Officials Sign 103 Bills Into Law

Some legislation fights crime in the state.

Annapolis, Md. (NS) – Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, Senate President Pro Tem Melony Griffith, and Speaker of the House Adrienne Jones sat down together Thursday morning to sign legislation to deter crime in the state.

Governor Larry Hogan said stopping violent crime continues to be the state’s top priority.

“Today we are signing our Judicial Transparency Act so the public knows more about the sentences that are being handed down for violent criminals. We’re further expanding our warrant apprehension efforts and strengthening prosecutions on gun crimes,” Hogan explained.

Senate President Pro Tem Melony Griffith said the comprehensive community safety plan targets the prevention of crime.

“The bills signed today reflect our dedication to community safety, strategies and resources. Establishing the Maryland Gun Analytics Center to screen and vet illegal firearms cases in Maryland is just one of the many initiatives that will become law today,” said Griffith.

Speaker of the House Adrienne Jones said federal assistance opened up more money to help Marylanders who need it the most.

“The bills we’re signing today, and many of the other bills we passed this session, demonstrate the General Assembly’s commitment to rebuilding the foundation of our economy: Maryland’s middle-class and its families,” said Jones.

In total, 103 bills were signed including ones that protect first responders and promote environmental stewardship.