Work Underway On Housing Project For Low Income Seniors In Frederick County

It’s planned for a parcel in the Dearbought community.

Frederick, Md. (KM) – It may take a while before senior housing is constructed on a just over ten-acre site along Route 26 at Sebastian Boulevard in the Dearbouight community of Frederick. That’s according to Margaret Nuisbaum, the Chief of Staff for the County Executive.

“The site is within in the city limits,” she says. “So that site plan and master plan update for the Dearbought community  is being pushed through the City Planning Commission process right now,” she says.

The property had originally been donated to the Board of Education for use as a school site. But the Board said it didn’t need the property so it was turned over the County. On Tuesday, April 19th, the County Council declared the parcel surplus which means it can be transferred  to the developer, Taft Mills, LLC, a limited liability company based in North Carolina.

Nusbaum says the developer must apply for financing. “And this is  one of those projects that the developers apply for low income housing tax credits through the state,” she says. “And that application process is coming up next month.”

When that project is completed, Nusbaum says there will be up to 190 apartment units for seniors who make a certain percentage of  the area’s median income. “This is not an assisted living unit type of facility. It is independent apartment living for seniors of limited income,” she says.

A housing needs assessment has determined the county needs to increase the number of affordable housing units for seniors, which are a fast growing segment of the local population.

Throughout the process, Nusbaum says the developer has worked with neighbors to explain what the project is all about. “We’ve tried to be good stewards and work with not only the developer and providers of the housing, but the neighbors nearby. and try to work on making this a project that everyone can embrace and be proud of,” says Nusbaum.

By Kevin McManus