Tension Increasing Among Maryland Republican Gubernatorial Candidates

Schulz and Cox called into called into WFMD radio show

Frederick, Md. (KM) – Tension is increasing among the candidates running in the Republican gubernatorial race in Maryland.

In an appearance last week on WFMD’s “Mid-Maryland Live,” Kelly Schulz said her opponent, Delegate Dan Cox, was working to get a child rapist out of jail. “This is now a convicted child rapist that my opponent, Dan Cox, continues to defend and continues to call a 13-year-old victim who had been victimized multiple times, a liar,” she said.

Schulz also said Cox, whose an attorney, is representing this individual on the Eastern Shore who already has legal representation, is not fit to be Governor. “And the fact that he continues after the conviction to claim that he is innocent and to continue to call this child a liar, it makes me sick,” she said. “And I will not give him the platform that he is asking for in order to speak to people. I will not be on the same stage with Dan Cox for that very reason.”

Cox called in to respond to what he called “a false and evil accusation.” I am an attorney, a member of the bar, and I was approached by individuals from a church, and wife and a family, and an individual saying they were innocent of accusations,” he said.

Even though he represents parts of Frederick and Carroll Counties in the General Assembly, Cox said he has a law office on the Eastern Shore, and practices law all over Maryland. “These individuals claimed innocence. This person claims innocence and had plenty of witnesses,” he said. “And I said, ‘I’m not going to represent unless I have some evidence that backs up the DNA.’ It came back with no sexual DNA.”

Cox also denies he ever called the witness “a liar.” “I am in no way saying that this girl is a liar. That’s outrageous. I never said that,” he said.

Maryland’s primary election is July 19th.