AAA Says The Best Time To Book For A Memorial Day Trip Is Now

The auto club says bookings are up substantially compared to last year.

Washington DC (KM) – The Memorial Day Holiday Weekend is a few weeks away; and if you’re planning to do some traveling by air, or taking a cruise, you may want to book now. That advice comes form Ragina, Public and Government Affairs Manager for AAA Mid-Atlantic. “Our booking data says reservations for flights, rental cars, cruises and hotels for the Memorial Day are up 122% compared to last year,”: says Ali.

She say it’s best to book at least two weeks before Memorial Day, especially for air travel. . “With travelers expected to pay an average of about $445 per ticket. If you wait until the last minute, you wait to try to book around Memorial Day, the week of Memorial Day, not only will there probably not be any flights available, but if there  are, you can expect to pay double that, probably closest to about $845 per flight,:” says Ali.

Even if you’re planning to pack the family in the car and drive to Ocean City or another Mid-Atlantic beach, you should book ahead for a hotel room, she says.  .

Long before leaving, AAA recommends you consult with a travel adviser who can navigate you through the booking process. “There’s typically no cost for using a travel adviser,” says Ali. “There’s no additional cost in most cases. And they’re there to be a support for you.”

There are travel  advisers located at the AAA Car Care Center on Buckeystown Pike in Frederick.

Ali says it’s also important to sign up for travel insurance in case something unexpected comes up before or during your trip.

AAA says the popular getaway destinations in the US this Memorial Day are Orlando, Florida; Seattle, Washington; Miami, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; Anchorage, Alaska; Honolulu, Hawaii; Boston, Massachusetts; Anaheim, California: New York, New York; and San Francisco, California.

The top destinations abroad, according to AAA, are Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada; Paris, France; Dublin, Ireland; London, England; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Rome, Italy; Cancun, Mexico; Barcelona , Spain; Budapest, Hungary; and Athens, Greece.

By Kevin McManus