Historical Frederick Sports Mural To Be Created At Harry Grove Stadium


The mural will set a world record in size and be visible from Interstate 70.

Frederick, Md. (NS) – A famous artist has been tasked with creating what would be a monumental mural in Frederick.

Yemi, a maker of community-centered murals who has received national acclaim for his works, will create the piece which will commemorate 125 years of sports history in the Frederick region.

He said work on the project, which will be the world’s largest sports mural created by one artist, should start soon.

“We anticipate starting construction in the fall of this year, 2022. We’re going to be phasing this in two phases. So, the first phase, we’re hoping to groundbreak that in the fall,” Yemi said.

Yemi said the mural, which will be visible to 44 million motorists per year on Interstate 70, will feature 250 local athletes from a wide range of sports.

“Can you imagine the magnitude of that? That this becomes the Sistine Chapel of sports, and it’s right here in Frederick, and it belongs to us. Now, we’re not going to be promoting this just locally, we’re promoting this nationally and internationally,” he added.

The $2,000,000 project is being funded through grants and private donations. Yemi said they need to raise $400,000 more in order to begin work in the fall.