Frederick Police Chief Says Violent Crime Is At A 5 Year Low

He added that vehicle thefts and tamperings have increased.

Frederick, Md. (NS) – Frederick City is having a five-year-low in violent crime.

Police Chief Jason Lando said although instances like the shots-fired case in Frederick on Tuesday receive days of media attention, there are many more days where no violent crimes occur.

“Armed robberies are at a 5 year low. We have, so far this year in 2022, we have had a decrease in shots-fired calls from this time in 2021. As I’ve said before, the violence is primarily driven between people who know each other,” said Lando.

He said that means residents should not be afraid that they could be randomly targeted by violent crime.

Lando added that Frederick City has seen an increase in car thefts and tamperings, but those are typically done by a small number of people.

“The one thing we have noticed is, if we have 35, just throwing that number out there, if we have 35 thefts from vehicles that occur in a month, we don’t have 35 separate thieves. Often we’ll find two or three people are going around trying car doors every night taking whatever they can,” he explained.

He said you can prevent your car being broken into by locking your doors and keeping valuable items out of sight as criminals are looking for easy targets.