Maryland Political Leaders Sign 140 Bills Into Law On Monday

One is an historic capital budget.

Annapolis, Md. (KM) – The pens were busy in Annapolis on Monday. Governor Larry Hogan and Maryland legislative leaders signed 140 bills into law. “Including an historical capital budget which makes record investments in school construction projects across the state, in an expanded affordable housing program, record investments in Maryland state parks, and in Chesapeake Bay Restoration,” says Hogan.

The capital budget bill totals $4-billion. Senate President Bill Ferguson call it “a big deal.” “It is the single biggest job-creating piece of legislation that we will jointly sign,” he says. “And it was a true honor and pleasure to work with the Speaker, the Governor and his administration to enact a job-creation capital budget that was mutually agreed upon and is  an incredible, incredible investment in the people of Maryland and in our infrastructure.”

The Governor also said another bill signed on Monday would cap co payments at $30 for a 30-day supply of insulin. “We’re also signing legislation which codifies one of our emergency COVID-19 measures to permanently allow EMT’s and paramedics to administer vaccines, as well as legislation that expands the state’s commitment to fight Alzheimer’s disease,” says Hogan.

House of Delegates Speaker Adrienne Jones, who was also on hand for the signing, commented in particular on the health-related legislation. “We’re strengthening our Alzheimer’s and dementia services, doing more to lower the cost of insulin, and expanding the number health care providers in the state,” she said.

In his comments, Governor Hogan thanked House and Senate legislators on both sides fo the aisle for working together during the 2022 General Assembly Session which ended on April 11th, and over the past eight years. “Together, we have put the people’s priorities first, and achieved real bipartisan common sense solutions,” he said.

Speaker Jones said Maryland’s legislature is one of the most effective in the country.  “In just 90 days, we passed a capital budget that makes critical investments that will keep Maryland competitive, maintain a strong skilled work force, and drive a leading economy,” she said.

This is Hogan’s last year as Governor. A person who is elected as Governor in Maryland can only serve two consecutive terms.

By Kevin McManus