Aldermen Make Changes To Frederick City Food Truck Regulations

They can operate in more places and more hours.

Frederick, Md. (KM) – In a unanimous vote on Thursday, the Frederick Board of Aldermen approved an amendment to the city’s ordinance covering food trucks. Economic Development Director Richard Griffin says the amendment allows food tucks to operate on non-residential property from 9:00 AM until 9:00 PM each day with the owner’s permission.

“It retains the prohibition against food trucks operating in the Historic Distinct with the exception of Carroll Creek Park, and for those operating on private property adjacent  breweries, wineries and distilleries,” he says.

They can also operate at the MARC Station.

But the Aldermen made some changes to the amendment regarding food trucks in residential neighborhoods. They can only operate in those area form 10:00 AM until 8:00 PM, and they cannot park  on the same numerical block for more than five consecutive days.

Alderman Ben MacShane says he and his colleagues can make changes if this amendment isn’t working out. “If it’s brought to us that every Monday the same food truck is parking in front of my house, and then they take off a couple days and it’s back, then maybe we have to come back and say ‘you can’t really park a business in front of somebody’s house constantly,'” he says.

The Aldermen are expected to hold discussion on city regulations covering food trucks at a future date.

These regulations are part of the city’s  Vendor and Peddler Ordinance which was adopted in 1994. It was amended in 2017 to cover food trucks, or as the law defines them, mobile food units.

Griffin says food trucks are a less expensive way for entrepreneurs who want to get into the food service business. “It’s about less than half the cost to initiate a mobile food unit, or a food truck, than to start a bricks and mortar restaurant,” he says.

By Kevin McManus