Frederick County School Board Candidate Borrows LGBTQ Books From Library

They were part of a pride month display.

Frederick, Md. (KM) – Books which were part of an LGBTQ pride month display at the Brunswick Public Library were borrowed last Tuesday by a Frederick County Board of Education candidate so that others could not check them out and read them.

During a recent appearance on WFMD’s “Mid-Maryland Live,” Heather Fletcher said she was in the library with her children when she saw the display and spoke with a librarian. :”I asked if these adult books could be put back in the adult section of the library because I have young children, and I don’t believe the titles of the books were appropriate for them to see,” she said.

Fletcher said the librarian responded “no,” and that the library was a place for everyone. “We had some discussion about it. And I was upset but more because I’m heart broken that at every turn, our children are being sexualized in our community and in our nation,”: she said.

So she returned the next day and borrowed all the books on display so that no one else could read them. The books were returned later that week.

Heather Fletcher |

Fletcher says she will not patronize the county’s public libraries again.

During “Mid-Maryland Live,” a woman named Ann called in, saying she is teacher and a parent. She commented on calls by some parents to remove certain books from schools and libraries because they don’t want their children exposed to certain content. “They’re missing out on a teachable moment. They should sit down and read the book together,” said Ann.

The Frederick County Public Library System says there are no limits on how many books patrons can check out at one time.

By Kevin McManus