Washington County Republican Leaders Are Worried About Frederick County Turning Democrat And Bleeding Over Into Neighboring Counties

Jerry DeWolf | wcmdgop.com

Jerry DeWolf said voters need to stand up and fight during this upcoming election.

Frederick, Md. (NS) – Washington County Republican leaders say Frederick County, which used to be politically red, is now more blue than purple, and those liberal voters are bleeding over into neighboring counties.

Jerry DeWolf, Chairman of the Washington County Republican Committee, said Democrat voters are well established in Frederick County, and they are moving west.

“We cannot allow the liberal expansive nature to head west, and Frederick County, a lot of people are worried, is lost. The Frederick County Republican Party, and the whole Maryland State Republican Party, everyone needs to stand up and fight,” said DeWolf.

He explained that many large housing developments have recently been made in Frederick County, creating a “super highway” of Democrat voters who are leaving high taxes and crime in Washington DC, bringing those issues along with them.

“It’s deeply ingrained in their politics, people are coming up and they’re voting blue, and the conservatives and Republicans are not standing up to fight like they should, and they need to. They need to stand up and let their voice be heard, and we have to hold the line,” he said.

DeWolf added that he is nervous that the same wave of liberal voters will also make their way towards Washington, Allegany, and Garrett Counties in the future.