Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Tool Available For Frederick County Businesses

It’s helps them promote healthy, inclusive workplace cultures.

Frederick, Md. (KM) – If you’re a business person who wants to know how your company stacks up when it comes to diversity of your workforce, the Frederick County Office of Economic Development has a free service which could help. Executive Director Helen Propheter says you can go on line to the agency’s website and take a survey. “And you self-rate your organization or yourself. But it’s works best if it’s your organization,” she says.

After taking the survey, Propheter says you get a score which tells you where your organization rates as well as your leadership of that organization.

“And then it has services  for you to click on and read about and watch videos  and just try to create a learning module for businesses,” says Propheter.

The service is part of the Empower Employer Resource Toolkit which was launched in 2015. It provides outreach, education and support for underrepresented businesses looking to start up, locate and expand in Frederick County. The Office of Economic Development says Empower’s mission is to  create an environment supporting all business owners regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability or religion. The program includes mentorship, monthly networking events, business resources, a business directory and marketing and PR assistance. The agency says the purpose is support, teach and connect with local businesses.

The website for this program is www.discoverfrederickmd.com/empower. Propheter says anyone can visit this site, day or night.

“We’re not preaching. We’re just trying to use people that are experts in this industry and provide links to their readings, their videos, their podcasts so that if businesses  have this desire and need, they are able access it,” Propheter says. “And learn from us pulling information from around the state for our local businesses.”

By Kevin McManus