Frederick City Law Enforcement Official Reacts To Upcoming Police Accountability Board

Bill Folden

Bill Folden said it is a result of woke lawmakers.

Frederick, Md. (NS) – In two weeks, Frederick County’s Police Accountability Board will be established.

The Board’s creation, which is required by Maryland State law, has been seen as controversial by many, including law enforcement, who think their actions may be unfairly used against them.

Bill Folden, a local Frederick Law Enforcement official, described who can be on the Board.

“You can’t have law enforcement’s family members on there, but you can have people that have prior criminal history serving on it. I don’t understand the reasoning,” said Folden.

He added that minor mistakes could have an Officer go before the Board.

“Some of it could be something as simple as a civility, like they dropped a curse word while arresting someone and the suspect didn’t like that they were cursed at while they were being arrested,” Folden explained.

He said these types of mistakes need to be used as learning opportunities.

“It’s the way we handle that, it’s the way we respond to that. How do we train this person beyond that?” said Folden.

The Frederick County Board will have 11 members who are county residents. Active law enforcement and their families cannot be on the baord, but people with a previous conviction can serve on the board, unless the penalty for their offense was more than two-years incarceration. Members will be required to be trained by the Maryland Police Training and Standards Comission, and other training if necessary, prior to serving.