Traffic Woes Continue On I-270 Due To Sinkhole

Officials say bad weather could extend the timetable.

Gaithersburg, Md. (NS) – Traffic backups on I-270 South after Route 124 will continue for several more weeks as repair work is underway.

SHA spokesman Charlie Gischlar said the hole was caused by a failed drainage pipe and shut down two right lanes.

The area has now been fully excavated, and a new replacement pipe has been brought in.

“Crews are going to be working feverishly once that pipe is there to get the pipe in place. That’s going to take some time,” said Gischlar.

He said it’s not just a simple patch job.

“You’ve got to put it together and slip it on, put a collar on there. The big thing though, is that has to go pretty far underneath of the lanes, the right lane and part of the 2nd to the other right lane as well, and then, of course, the right shoulder,” Gischlar explained.

He said there is one variable at play.

“Now, the big question here is, ‘When?’ We’re still looking at a couple of weeks, hopefully sooner, but we’re at the mercy of the weather. Whenever we have a rainy day through there, that’s going to take a day away from us, and every moment counts to try to get those lanes open,” said Gischlar.

He added that overhead signs are warning drivers of the lane closures and Route 355 is being used as a detour.