Members Of Frederick County’s Police Accountability Board Named

The County Council will vote on these appointments on Tues., July 5th.

Frederick, Md. (KM) – Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner has nominated 11 residents to serve on the Police Accountability Board.

The panel consists of professionals in law enforcement, human resources, behavioral health, business, real estate, law, emergency management and other fields.

It will be chaired by Dawn Oram who is a human resources professional. She will serve a three-year term.

The other members are:

  • Shannon Bohrer – Retired law enforcement (3 years)
  • Robert Effler – Military/intelligence (resident of Brunswick) (term 2 years)
  • Shawn Goldstein* – Commercial Real Estate (term 2 years)
  • Ivonne Gutiérrez* – Human Resources/Corrections; Labor Relations (term 2 years)
  • Katherine Jones* – Lawyer (term 3 years)
  • Therese Keegan* – Behavioral Health, Clinical Chaplain (term 1 year)
  • Anthony Koomson* – International Humanitarian Aid (term 3 years)
  • Nestor “Neal” Machin – IT System Engineering/Former Marine (term 1 year)
  • Gabrielle Wachter – Project Management/Writer (term 1 year)
  • Randolph Waesche Jr. – Emergency Management (resident of Thurmont) (term 2 years)

Members will serve a three-year term, but some will serve one or two-year terms so that appointments are staggered.

The board will hear complaints about police misconduct and recommend any policy changes. It will have jurisdiction over the Sheriff’s Office, and the Frederick, Brunswick and Thurmont Police Departments.

“We saw an extraordinary level of community interest with this board,” says County Executive Gardner, in a statement. “The individuals I am appointing reflect a wide diversity of their backgrounds, life  and work experiences, race, LGBTQ status and ethnicity,  Two  of the appointees are first generation immigrants.”

“Most important,” continues Gardner, ” these individuals reflect an interest in fairness and understand the responsibility associated with serving on our first Board. I am confident they will represent county residents well and will fairly balance the legitimate and sometimes competing interests that will be considered by the Board.”

The County Council will vote on these appointments during Tuesday’s meeting.

The Police Accountability Board will appoint members to an Administrative Charging Commission. It will also meet monthly to review complaints, internal investigations related to those complaints and recommend disciplinary actions, if necessary.

By Kevin McManus