Early Voting In Frederick County Described As ‘A Little Slow’

Election Director says turnout has been ‘low.’

Frederick, Md. (KM) – Since it began last Thursday, early voting has been “a little slow” and “turnout has been low,” according to Frederick County Election Director Barbara Wagner. She says as of Monday afternoon, less than 3,000 ballots have been cast in early voting in the county

But Wagner says she expects the numbers to pick up later on in the week. Early voting runs through Thursday, July 14th.

Part of it could be due to a lot of people asking for mail-in ballots. “We sent out 23 ,000 ballots through the mail. We received close to 6,000 and we expected to receive the rest of that, the totals back, yes,” says Wagner.

The County Board of Elections says the deadline to request a mail-in ballot delivered by the US Postal Service to your mailing address  is Tuesday, July 14th. Friday, July 15th is the deadline to request a ballot be sent by e-mail.. Ballot requests can also be made at the Board of Elections office at 340A Montevue Lane.

Wagner recommends residents take advantage of early voting at one of the four locations in Frederick County: The Trinity Recreation Center, the Urbana and Thurmont Regional Libraries and Middletown Primary School. She says there will no delays at any of these polling places. “No lines right now. So I really urge voters  to come out during early voting. It will be smooth. It will take you minutes to get through check in to cast your ballet, get your ‘I voted’ sticker and you’re out the door,”: she says.

There are also plenty of election judges. “Very happy to report that more than enough election judges to make sure that everyone that comes out for in-person voting has a positive experience,” says Wagner.

Primary election day is Tuesday, July 19th. Wagner says there will be 63 polling places around Frederick County for citizens who come out to vote that day.  . She says if you do vote on primary election day, you’re asked to be patient as it  could be  crowded as the polls open up at 7:00 AM, and just before 8:00 PM when they close. “If you do come on election day, between the hours  of ten and two that is probably one of the fastest times you’ll get through,” she says.

For those who send in their ballots by the US Postal Service, they need to be postmarked by Tuesday, July 19th. The deadline to place them in the drop boxes is 8:00 PM on primary election day.

By Kevin McManus