Defense Motions Denied For Frederick Man Charged With Murder, Other Offenses

He’s expected to go on trial in October.

Frederick, Md. (KM) – Defense motions on behalf of a Frederick man charged with 1st-degree murder and other offenses were presented in Circuit Court on Thursday. . Lavonte Nash, 29, was arrested in 2019 for shooting and killing Gregory Allen Knight, who was scheduled to testify against him in a drug case.

One motion made by Nash’s attorneys asked that their client’s statement made in 2017 to police following a drug distribution arrest be thrown out due to investigative techniques, what they called an illegal wiretap and the lack of probable cause in the arrest. .

The judge also considered motions to suppress evidence obtained through search warrants of cell towers, social media accounts and a vehicle’s GPS. . All of them were denied.

But the judge said he would take under advisement and issue a written opinion on motions regarding search warrant and authorizations to wiretap cell phones.

A hearing in September will be on a motion to suppress the defendant’s statement after a 2019 arrest.

Nash is expected to go on trial in October.

By Kevin McManus