Wounded Veterans Are Finding Community And Support Through Mount Airy Nonprofit


The organization is run by a wounded veteran.

Mt. Airy, Md. (NS) – Wounded veterans are finding community through a nonprofit out of Mount Airy.

Adam Kisielewski, President and CEO of No Person Left Behind, said the group started in 2004 to take veterans on outdoor experiences like fishing and hunting.

“It’s never been about hunting or fishing or any of the other activities we’re doing. It’s trying to get these guys into an environment where they’re able to connect with other disabled veterans going through similar challenges, and ultimately, building relationships,” said Kisielewski.

He explained that they target veterans who do not have strong support networks, to help them find people who can be with them when times get hard.

Kisielewski, who was named President in 2018, said he has worked to expand the program.

“We’ve got hiking programs, we’ve got plans in January of next year to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. The Board was very supportive of me getting to lead a team of a couple other amputees up Mount Kilimanjaro. So, we’ll climb up 19,400 feet,” he added.

Kisielewski is a wounded veteran who lost an arm and a leg while serving in Iraq.