US Senator Chris Van Hollen Says American Rescue Plan Act Saved The Economy And Lives

Senator Chris Van Hollen

He disagrees with critics saying it hurt the economy.

Frederick, Md. (NS) – We have seen a positive impact from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). That’s according to US Senator Chris Van Hollen who spoke with WFMD News at the unveiling of the Frederick County COVID-19 Memorial.

He said ARPA spread access to vaccines and enabled health care workers to save lives.

“That is a good news story. It’s important to reflect on the over 1 million Americans we did lose including hundreds here in Frederick County,” said Van Hollen.

Some people have blamed ARPA on the country’s downturn in the economy and rising inflation.

“Economists, before the passage of the American Rescue Plan, predicted we would have much, much higher unemployment rates today than we have because of the American Rescue Plan,” explained Van Hollen.

He said the action over the past few years has allowed Americans to get used to living with COVID.