Primary Election Results In Frederick County Certified

The County Election Office is now preparing for the general election in November.

Frederick, Md. (KM) – It’s  off to the general election! The July 19th 2022 primary election results for Frederick County were certified on Monday at 11:00 AM by the local Election Office. “The people who won the contests will now be receiving general election forms and moving on to the general election,” says Election Director Barbara Wagner.

In the District Three Democratic Council race, incumbent MC Keegan-Ayer lost to Jazmin Di Cola by three votes. Wagner says Keegan-Ayer could request a recount. “Anybody who wants a recount will have to petition for a recount,” says Wagner. ” And they would come into our office. They have three days to do it. So by close of business on Thursday is the deadline for anybody who wants to petition for a recount.”

In the meantime, she says her office is getting ready for the general election in November. “We are wrapping up with the primary and, again, just preparing the ballots for November,” Wagner  says. “We’ll go out and we’ll have to start proofing them and proofing all the winners on there, getting ready for mail-in ballots to go out again.”:

General election day is Tuesday, November 8th. But she says early voting and mail-in ballots will be available for the general election,. “Early voting will begin October 27th, and run to November 3rd, eight straight days. It will be still at Trinity {Recreation Center}. We’ve four locations like we did in the primary. We’ll have eight drop boxes like we did in the primary as well.” Wagner says.

She also says the Election Office sent out 21,000 mail-in ballots for the July 19th  primary, and about 16,000 were returned. 6,438 voters took advantage of early voting.   27,000 people showed up on primary election day on July 19th to vote in person. “We had 26% voter turnout, which is not great but it’s better than what I thought it would be,” says Wagner.

By Kevin McManus