Regional Red Cross Chapter Sending Assistance To Eastern Kentucky Following Widespread Flooding

Officials report 37 deaths so far.

Washington DC. (KM) – The National Capital and Chesapeake Region of the Red Cross, which includes Frederick County, has sent assistance to eastern Kentucky which has been devastated by flooding. “Immediately after we got news of the devastation and damage and loss of life and property, we did send three disaster workers to eastern Kentucky,” says Ashley Henyan, Communication Director for National Capital and Chesapeake Region of the Red Cross. “That number is up to nine. We are four or five days out from the onset of the disaster.”

Henyan says these disaster workers will provide safe shelter, food and emotional support for the victims. She says counseling and emotional support are just as important for residents who’ve lost everything to the flooding. “Sometimes, having a shoulder to lean on or a hug—even it comes from a stranger but they’re wearing that Red Cross vest–that’s the best thing you can give someone who’s lost everything.”

Officials says the death toll from the flooding in eastern Kentucky now stands at 37 with crews still trying to reach people cut off by  floods or mudslides.

“As  it’s safe to do so, we will be out with emergency response vehicles, bringing meals, and bringing supplies like mops and tarps and bleach and buckets out to those homes that might be salvageable,” Henyan says.  .

She also says additional assistance from the National Capital and Chesapeake Region of the Red Cross will be sent if necessary. “We standing by to support as long as help is needed,” says Henyan. “And until then, we are urging everyone in the local community, in the DMV {District, Maryland, Virginia} to be prepared.”

That includes having an emergency plan in case you and your family must evacuate, including where to stay if disaster strikes. You  also need an emergency kit with three-day supplies of non-perishable food and water, and a first-aid kit. Henyan also suggests you put all important documents on a thumb drive in case the originals because damaged or loss.

For those who want to contribute to the Red Cross’ efforts in Kentucky can make a donation. They can go to, or text their donations to 90999.

By Kevin McManus