Today’s Hot Summer Heat Can Be Dangerous In Frederick County Region

Temperatures for the next few days are expected to be in the low 90s.

Frederick, Md. (NS) – Temperatures will be around 90 for the next few days in Frederick County, and that can be dangerous.

Dr Clifford Mitchell with the Maryland Department of Health said people who are outside need to take action if they feel sick to the stomach, have unusually dry skin, feel hot and dizzy, slightly off, or are hot but not sweating.

“Any of those things that are happening, you should absolutely get yourself to a cool place, seek medical attention. Those are things that are early warning signs of serious problems,” said Dr Mitchell.

He added that this also applies to young and fit people who are playing sports.

“So, whether you are in an organized activity where there’s somebody supervising who should absolutely stress rest periods, breaks, etc. or you’re just with a group of friends, anybody who feels a little bit off, or who looks a little bit off, that’s a person who needs to get into the shade, get off the field, get something to drink,” Dr Mitchell explained.

Dr Mitchell added that if someone who is hot shows a changed mental status, has dry skin, or a thready pulse, then they need urgent medical attention.

He said residents should also check in on their elderly neighbors during high heat, especially ones who live alone.

Maryland has had 1 reported heat-related death this summer.